VOLTAGE LAMPSHADES is a new company founded in 2019 by designer Martyn Webster. Based in Sheffield, URCHIN is the first product to be launched under the brand.

A faceted origami style lampshade made of hand-folded paper that has an organic, sculptural form.

Martyn trained as a graphic designer at time when computers started to infiltrate our lives – a point at which he felt qualified, yet unqualified at the same time as the industry was changing rapidly with the introduction of new technology.

In pursuit of a more three- dimensional world, a period of experimentation began creating sculptural forms with integrated lighting. This opened-up new possibilities and although this period of exploration was not immediately realised, it was to create a picture of the future and the ideas Martyn was to develop.

Always fascinated with shapes that tessellate; the light and shade forms create and their potential to embellish a room and affect mood, Martyn’s goal was to reinvent the simple paper globe lampshade. URCHIN is one step further to this.

In designing and developing ideas Martyn once came across a phrase used by the Sculptor, Lynn Chadwick (1914 – 2003) that has become his mantra and epitomises his creative process;

"You must improvise as you go along... working directly is best, even a slight mistake is not a mistake for it hasn’t been corrected yet."